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Green Fuel Boiler Conversion Environmental Audit

We can describe environmental audit as a way by which businesses can assess the environmental impacts of their operations. The measurement and evaluation of all inputs and outputs from the production process is the core. If a company has to determine where it should implement cleaner production and eco-efficiency improvement, it can be done only after these impacts have been identified and measured. The audits can also prove to be an effective risk management tool for assessing compliance with environmental legislation thereby assisting companies avoids the risk of prosecution and fines arising from potential environmental breaches.

Our audit includes the following:

• Data Collection: Identifying and measuring all inputs and outputs from the production process and provide a baseline for comparison against targets and a background for improvement.
• Compliance: Reviewing and comparing a company's activities and business targets against all relevant regulations, codes of conduct and government policies to assess compliance.
• Documentation: Documenting all aspects of audit to assess progress at a further date and to verify environmental performance to staff, regulators and the general community.
• Periodic Audits: Assessing the impacts of new or changed legislation on operations and to assess whether internal targets for environmental efficiency are being met.

The salient features and benefits are as follow:

• Useful for highlighting areas of inefficiency in processes
• It can be modified according to the size and complexity of a business.
• It can give a company a much clearer understanding of its operations and impacts, and ultimately, provides a starting point for other environmental initiatives.


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